Online FAQs

What is an enrolment key?
The enrolment key is issued to you if you are a student at a registered school or college, please ask your instructor or tutor for it. If you are not at a registered establishment or your school/college has not licensed this option, then you have to pay - sorry! The enrolment key is the same as the DVD access code we issued in your first licensed year. Lecturers and Instructors with full teacher status on the site can edit the key.

Forgotten your enrolment key? It can be found on your licence access document (in your welcome pack). It is also the same as your DVD code. Email if you need us to re-issue.

Forgotten your password? Click here to reset.

Problems with cookies?
To make the VLE (Moodle) work properly, cookies need to be enabled in your browser. You can enable or disable cookies as follows in Internet Explorer - 1) Click 'tools'. 2) Select 'Internet options'. 3) Click 'privacy'. 4) Move the slider to the setting 'accept all cookies'. [Note; if accessing from a college/school then a network administrator may have to make these changes.]


Need to upgrade to the latest version?
Registered users can download the fully updated and patched setup files for the latest version from here (1.5GB in total). Just copy all the files into a folder, unzip them and then run ATT.exe - and that's it!

CLASS NOT REGISTERED If you get a 'Class not registered...' or similar error when running ATT, it is because Adobe Flash Player is not installed Visit to install it. Or, it may be that Flash Player did not install correctly. The solution is to uninstall and then reinstall it. Please see: for more details on how to do this. [Note, you must use Internet Explorer to install the Flash Player our program uses, as a different one is already build into Google Chrome.]

Need some more help?
For technical support, please visit our HelpDesk, or send an email.

Last modified: Wednesday, August 13, 2014, 09:55 AM