Interactive Hairdressing Training is a blended eLearning solution for hairdressing trainers and students. The online and offline multimedia learning screens cover theory required for S/NVQ and VRQ levels 1-3.

The material is presented by a friendly professional voice, with text, high quality graphics and animations throughout. It also includes quizzes and learning activities which combine to create a comprehensive blended learning experience – especially when combined with the exciting new Hairdressing (Levels 1, 2 & 3): The Interactive Textbooks.

The material is split into units, which are each further divided into modules and sections where necessary. This allows the material to be studied in bite sized chunks and in any order.

It is all accessible via easy to navigate menus. Multiple-choice questions in the offline version automatically direct students back to the learning material specific to the questions they got wrong.

The online material keeps track of student progress and test scores. A glossary and ‘toolbox’ are also built in. Interactive activities reinforce learning and make it more fun!

Features and benefits
  • Online educational resource via Moodle platform
  • 100’s of video’s via our (ATT Training) You Tube channel
  • Animations, videos, voiceover and activities integrated into learning screens
  • Learner centred education
  • Multiple choice questions linked to the learning
  • Individualised learner tracking
  • Comprehensive package supporting tutor and learner
  • Lesson preparation reduced
  • Additional interactive features including language translation
  • Offline version available for classroom delivery
  • Glossary and virtual toolbox
  • Online help videos
  • Functional Skills relative to hairdressing industry
  • Satisfies the online delivery requirements as suggested by FELTAG
Our resource databases allow you to use all of the photos, videos and animations used to generate our learning screens. During the license period, images can be copied into Word, PowerPoint or other documents to enhance your work.

Books are available for each student at a very competitive price. The textbooks match the multimedia learning material and include self assessment questions and learning tasks. Click here to purchase.

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