Added hair - fashion colour
Added hair
Added heat
Back mirror (circular)
Back mirror (rectangular)
Circular brush
Colour bowl and brush
Colour bowl
Colour brush
Curing tong - small
Curling tong - large
Curling tong - medium
Denman brush
Different types of brushes
Different types of clippers
Different types of scissors
Double pronged pins
Dressing out brush
Easi meche
Electronically heated rollers
Fine pins
Flat brush
Gloves being worn
Hair dryer and nozzle
Hair dryer
Hair grips
Hot brush
Kerastase bain bio-recharge
Kerastase heat activated reconstructor
Kerastase serum
Loreal agedensiforce
Loreal colour chart - front page
Loreal colour chart - front cover
Loreal colour chart - sample page 1
Loreal colour chart - sample page 2
Loreal colour show liss cream
Loreal hot style iron finish
Loreal liss extreme
Loreal play ball products
Loreal shine blonde
Loreal shine curl
Loreal hair mix
Loreal volume extreme
Magazine rack
Mannequin head
Perm rods
Pins and grips
Plastic setting pins
Razor disposal box
Safety razor
Section clips
Setting comb
Single metal tail comb
Straight pins
Straightening irons - all sizes
Straightening irons - large
Straightening irons - medium
Straightening irons - small
Stylists chair
Stylists stool
Tail comb
Thinning scissors
Trolley with equipment
Vent brush
Wella colour chart 2
Wella colour chart 3
Wella colour chart 4
Wella colour chart 5
Wella colour chart 6
Wella colour chart 7
Wella colour chart back
Wella colour chart
Wella colour
Wella deep browns 2
Wella deep browns 3
Wella deep browns
Wella koleston perfect 2
Wella koleston perfect 3
Wella natural tone
Wella pure naturals 2
Wella pure naturals
Wella rich naturals 2
Wella rich naturals
Wella special blonde 2
Wella special blonde
Wella vibrant reds 2
Wella vibrant reds